Susan Rice, the U.S. Ambassador to the UN, discussed the importance of the U.S.-UN relationship at last week’s 2011 Global Leadership Award Dinner in New York.

On UN Day, Ban underlines need for unity to confront global challenges

UN Day celebrations in Timor-Leste
Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon today stressed the need for unity as the world seeks solutions for the key challenges facing humanity, from the economic crisis and diminishing job opportunities to the consequences of climate change.

“Global problems demand global solutions,” Mr. Ban said in a message for United Nations Day, marking the anniversary of the day the Organization was founded 66 years ago. “They compel all nations to unite in action on an agenda for the world’s people. That is the very mission of the United Nations.”

He noted that this year has been particularly dramatic with people everywhere standing up to d emand their rights, even as fear continue to grip many who believe that their governments and the global economy can no longer deliver for them.


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